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How Much Does Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Cost? Is It Affordable?

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Have you heard of how hypnosis is being used to quit smoking? How does that exactly go? In this post, we will be talking about hypnosis, how it can help you stop smoking, and how much does a hypnosis session costs to quit smoking? In addition, we’ll share with you free and effective tips to quit smoking. 

You’ve been told a million times that smoking doesn’t do any good to your health. It is a deadly habit that you should stop now. Smoking increases your risk of developing 50+ serious health conditions. As they say, every time you light up a cigarette, you’re deducting one minute of your life. Should you stop now? That’s a resounding YES!

Not later, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW! Yes, quitting will be a big challenge, but your willingness will always be more powerful than your desire to smoke. You can do this! There are many methods you can do or products you can try to stop smoking now. 

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis, also called hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion is a therapy session on being in a half-conscious state (trance-like state). The person is placed in a state of heightened attention, focused concentration but reduced awareness. Hypnosis is usually done with a hypnotherapist or also called a hypnotist therapist or hypnotist. This form of therapy uses mental images, positive suggestions, self-hypnosis techniques, or guided hypnosis audios.

Others perceive it as mind control or being under a spell, but it really is not. What you see on television, where a hypnotherapist controls a person to do silly things, is not true. Hypnosis is more about being in a meditative state so a person can be more focused. The hypnotherapist or guided audios can help give suggestions on how you can reach your goals.

As for the use of hypnosis to stop smoking, studies and some medical papers suggest that hypnosis, when combined with other smoking cessation techniques, can reduce a person’s craving to smoke, deal with nicotine cravings, and help reduce the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal. 

What Are the Benefits of Hypnosis for Smokers? 

  • Reduce your desire to smoke or vape
  • To address psychological aspects of smoking addiction
  • Reinforce your desire to stop smoking
  • Can help stick to your smoking cessation goals
  • Help you deal with nicotine withdrawal
  • Beneficial for mental and emotional health

What to Expect From Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking?

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In your first hypnosis session, you can expect your hypnotherapist to ask you basic questions like your medical history, how long you have been smoking, or why you want to quit smoking. Then, expect your hypnotherapist to explain how hypnosis may help quit your smoking habits and how it works. 

In the first session, expect your therapist to put you in a trance-state (hypnotized state). Your therapist may also teach you self-hypnosis techniques you can do at home. The whole session may typically last for one hour. 

Multiple hypnosis sessions may be recommended if you plan to stop smoking. Hypnotherapists claim that most of their patients show significant progress on the fourth session. However, patients have the freedom to have more sessions to avoid relapse and deal with nicotine withdrawal. 

What Is the Success Rate of Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation?

There are different studies and results that suggest the success rate of hypnosis about quitting smoking. May it be quitting smoking cigarettes or smoking weed. Although enough evidence is still needed, many medical studies show the effectiveness of hypnosis in quitting smoking. Here are some of the studies related to hypnotherapy to be successful for quitting smoking:

  • A study conducted in 2019 has linked self-hypnosis to 6-month smoking abstinence for 20-35% of the participants. – A Medical Study by the University of Oxford. 
  • A 2017 research states: Hypnosis in combination with other smoking cessation techniques (like nicotine patches or nicotine gums) helped the participants quit smoking and prevent relapse. A randomized controlled smoking cessation trial was conducted at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Out of the 140 participants, 102 of them were able to quit smoking after three days of hypnosis. – Evidence Presented by American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
  • A 2008 randomized trial study concluded that nicotine patches combined with hypnosis are more effective in quitting smoking long-term compared to standard behavioral counseling. – Evidence presented by San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center 

When it comes to the success rate of hypnosis for smoking, it’s safe to say that it may vary from person to person. It will depend on the person’s willingness to quit, state of mind, and having faith in their therapist. Because no matter how many hypnotherapy treatments you attend, if you don’t have the willingness to stop, this is a recipe for disaster.

As for the duration of the treatment, since hypnosis is a solution-based treatment, you can expect the results to be quick. But then again, this will depend on the person, and other combined smoking cessation techniques followed. For some, treatment is achieved on the first session, while it may be longer for some. 

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How Much Does Hypnosis Cost To Quit Smoking?

Hypnosis Cost in The US

In the US, the national average cost of a hypnotherapy session is $85. Prices may vary per state and city, ranging from $75-$160 per session (in US dollars). However, quit smoking hypnosis is a specialized type of treatment that may cost more. 

It’s suggested to undergo at least 3-6 sessions to witness until such time a person stops smoking. Do health insurance policies cover the costs of hypnotherapy? Not all, and some policies may cover part of the payment to the professional hypnotist. 

Here are examples of average costs per city:

  • Austin: $175
  • Baltimore: $75
  • Boston: $150
  • Charlotte: $90
  • Chicago: $160
  • Cincinnati: $160
  • Cleveland: $75
  • Columbus: $100
  • Dallas: $ 100
  • Denver: $150
  • Houston: $ 150
  • Indianapolis: $125
  • Kansas City: $125
  • Las Vegas: $95
  • Los Angeles: $200
  • Louisville: $100
  • Memphis: $125
  • Miami: $150
  • Milwaukee: $120
  • Minneapolis: $120
  • Nashville: $85
  • New Orleans: $80
  • New York: $200
  • Oklahoma City: $85
  • Philadelphia: $140
  • Phoenix: $100
  • Portland: $125
  • Raleigh: $125
  • Richmond: $150
  • Salt Lake City: $75
  • San Diego: $140
  • San Francisco: $180
  • San Jose: $90
  • Seattle: $145
  • St Louis: $120
  • Tampa: $120
  • Washington DC: $170

Hypnosis Cost in the UK

In the UK, hypnosis sessions may cost £50 – £100 per hour. Most hypnotherapists in the UK offer a free initial consultation. If you need ongoing treatment, some professional hypnotherapists provide packages for a reduced cost. 

In the UK, to become a hypnotherapist, the law does not require licensing or formal education. You don’t need a degree to become a hypnotherapist. Although there is training offered for hypnotherapists, it’s important to find a reputable hypnotherapist to ensure their methods are effective. 

Hypnosis Cost in Canada

In Canada, hypnosis costs $105-$170 (in CAD) per session. There is no formal licensing for hypnotherapists in Canada. It’s important to find a professional hypnotherapist with extensive experience and training in the field.

Just like in the UK, no licensing is required to become a hypnotherapist in Canada. However, many healthcare professionals like psychologists and mental health counselors gain experience in the field to practice hypnotherapy. 

Is hypnosis to quit smoking covered by insurance in Canada? Not all. If your hypnotherapist is a healthcare professional like a mental health professional, psychologist, or psychiatrist, parts or the total cost of the hypnotherapy service may be covered. 

Hypnosis Cost in Australia

In Australia, hypnosis sessions may cost $170-$250 (in AUD). More and more people are turning to hypnotherapy in Australia, which makes the job in demand nowadays. Hypnotherapy is one of the most recommended smoking cessation techniques known in Australia.

Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated industry in Australia. By law, there is no licensing required to become a hypnotherapist. However, associations and governing bodies in Australia set standards for hypnotherapists (like specific training or experience).

Why Are Hypnosis Sessions To Quit Smoking So Expensive?

Hypnosis for quitting smoking is a specialized type of therapy. It is expected to be priced differently because they require longer treatment periods to see the effects. So expect that it comes in packages, like 3-6 sessions, and may be costly. 

Hypnotherapists need to undergo extensive training, so it’s expected that their professional fees come with a cost. Hypnotherapists formulate an individualized plan of care to ensure the approach is effective. 

If you come to think of it, you spend lots of money to buy cigarettes. Investing in hypnotherapy sessions is an investment in your health. But if you want to save money with hypnotherapy sessions, there are other ways. You can opt for quit smoking hypnosis apps to download on your phone. 

Download an Hypnosis App for Affordable and Flexible Hypnotherapy

woman using hypnotherapy app

So, are you now ready to change your life? Going to a hypnotherapist may be costly, but that’s okay. There are other alternatives like quit smoking hypnosis apps. We must be thankful that we live in times where our mobile phones can do many wonders. 

In this case, instead of searching for hypnotherapists to stop smoking, simply download the Quit: Hypnosis to Stop Smoking App on your mobile phone. Instead of paying for costly hypnotist treatment, you can do this at home and on your own using the app. The app is free to download. 

The smoking hypnosis app has guided audio hypnosis and meditation sessions that can help you stop smoking. The guided therapy sessions are audios of certified hypnotherapists with years of experience helping millions of people worldwide stop smoking. 

If there are no good hypnotherapists in your area or are too busy to book an appointment with a hypnotherapist, the Quit Hypnosis App is for you. You can use the app anytime and anywhere.

So whether you’re smoking a cigarette, vape, shisha, or weed, this app can help you. Download it now either in Google Play or App Store. Do this for your health and your loved ones. And always remember to have a positive mindset. You only have one body; take care of it!

FAQs About Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

  1. How Many Hypnosis Sessions Are Needed to Quit Smoking?

For many people, 3-6 sessions of hypnotherapy are needed to quit smoking. While most professional hypnotherapists will suggest at least 4-5 hypnotherapy sessions to deal with relapse and nicotine withdrawal. 

  1. Is Hypnotherapy Good for Quitting Smoking?

Yes, hypnotherapy is suitable for quitting smoking. If you’re considering quitting smoking or dealing with the unpleasant effects of nicotine withdrawal, hypnotherapy can help you. 

  1. Do Quit Smoking Apps Work?

Some mobile apps work to quit smoking. Mobile apps like Quit: Hypnosis to Quit Smoking are used to learn self-hypnosis and stop addictive behaviors like smoking. 

  1. Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Yes, hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is 100% safe and natural. Being in a trance-like state or hypnotized has no side effects like body pain or headache. Hypnotherapy only uses what all of us have: the power of the subconscious mind in a trance state. Hypnotherapy methods do not change an individual’s personality but change a person’s behavior or habit for the better.

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