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The Best Hypnosis App to Quit Smoking Today

Have you finally decided to stop smoking? And are you looking for a method that can help you quit smoking but wish it could be done at home? 

What you need is an app that can help you become a non-smoker through the use of hypnosis and the powerful yet soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist. A quit smoking hypnosis app can help you protect your health and live a smoke-free life.   

When you quit smoking, your subconscious mind must support this change. This will help maintain your commitment to stop your nicotine addiction. Through the process of using hypnosis, your cravings for cigarettes will slowly dissolve.

What is the best quit smoking hypnosis app?

The best quit smoking hypnosis app not only helps you stop smoking but also:

Has a user-friendly interface

Has an easy-to-follow smoking program

Allows you to see how much you’ve saved

Tracks how long you haven’t smoked

Moreover, with a good hypnosis app, you can start feeling results after the first session. You can then listen to the audio for the next 3 months to make the habit change permanent. It should also help your subconscious kick the habit by changing your mindset.

Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking?

Several studies show that hypnosis is an effective treatment for nicotine addiction. Hypnotherapy incorporates the medical use of hypnosis to trigger the desired changes in a person. This type of treatment can be used by itself or it can be combined with other methods.

  • A 2014 study by Faysal M Hasan, et. al and published in Pubmed.gov proves that hypnotherapy is more effective than NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Patients hospitalized for smoking-related illness showed improvements in abstaining from cigarettes.
  • A 2005 prospective study by Elkins, Gary, and others, showed that 40% of the control group abstained from smoking. The group reported that they stopped smoking 24 weeks after 8 hypnosis sessions for 2 months.
  • A 2010 Cochrane review analyzed several studies about the effectiveness of hypnosis as a method to quit smoking. The review concludes that medical hypnosis was as effective as counseling and other behavioral interventions

What is the success rate of hypnosis for quitting smoking?

In one study by Gary R. Elkins &M. Hasan Rajab and published at tandfonline.com, the percentage of participants who quit after a year of clinical hypnosis treatment was 48%.

Another study by Timothy P Carmody et al and published on pubmed.gov showed that at 6 months, participants from the hypnosis group were 29% more likely to quit smoking than those in the behavioral group, which is 23%. At 12 months, the quit rate was 24% for the hypnosis group while the behavioral group was only 16%.

The goal of the study was to ascertain if hypnosis is more effective at stopping cigarette cravings in people under hypnotherapy than those who received behavioral counseling. In conclusion, medical hypnosis is more favorable in generating long-term quit rates than standard behavioral counseling.

How can I hypnotize myself to stop smoking?

There are several hypnosis techniques that you can safely do at home. These techniques work well for people who don’t want to hire a certified hypnotherapist for whatever reason.

Visualization/Future Pacing

Creative visualization is one of the main methods you can use for self-hypnosis. This technique requires getting yourself into a state of relaxation. Then, try to imagine doing all your daily activities without smoking a cigarette.

This process should be done in as much detail as possible. You should try to focus on all the positive feelings you will experience as a non-smoker. Over time, you slowly begin to remember previous feelings and visualizations. And as a result, you eventually decide to quit smoking for good.


It’s surprisingly easy to learn the mechanics of a self-hypnosis session. There are scripts from books and other resources that you can record or memorize. Once you have learned how to obtain a trance state for yourself, you can repeat positive suggestions either out loudly or silently.

Visualization/Future Pacing

You can find many quit smoking hypnosis recordings on the marketplace today. And there are hypnosis apps that help you quit smoking by dissolving your cigarette cravings.

Hypnosis apps train you to quit smoking by changing your mindset and resetting your behavior patterns. This is because fewer cigarette cravings lead to a healthier lifestyle.

You may see positive results results after the first session. You can then listen to the audio for the next 3 months to make the habit change permanent.

Quit smoking hypnosis apps feature a certified hypnotist in the audio. The featured hypnotherapist has a soothing voice that emphasizes peace and relaxation. Additionally, the background sounds in the hypnosis audio are equally soothing to listen to.

In conclusion, any of the 3 methods we mentioned can be a part of a successful treatment for your addiction to nicotine. However, the most important factor is your willingness and resolve to stop smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hypnosis really work to make you quit smoking?

While this type of treatment may not work for everyone, it does work for most people. If you are willing and are committed to changing your life, and if you value your health and the health of your loved ones, it will work for you. This treatment requires your will-power to make it work.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

This type of treatment is safe and there are no side effects since it’s a 100% natural therapy. It involves nothing else than what we already have, the power of our subconscious mind. Our program and app can’t change your personality, but they can change your habits and behavior patterns.

Will I be asleep during hypnosis?

You won’t be asleep. While you are required to be in a relaxed state, this therapy is also interactive. Listening to hypnotic audio, background sounds, and background music is required.

Will I be asleep during hypnosis?

You won’t be asleep. While you are required to be in a relaxed state, this therapy is also interactive. Listening to hypnotic audio, background sounds, and background music is required.

How often should I listen to the app?

We recommend that you follow exactly what the app tells you to do. You should follow the exact order of each session. There are featured audios that you have to listen to every day.

Can I still be hypnotized if I am unable to relax?

While the therapy may require you to enter in a relaxed state, other methods are also being used as part of the hypnotic process. And so, you can still be hypnotized even if you can’t relax.

What if I don’t “wake up” after being hypnotized?

Being hypnotized is like being in a “daydream”. It’s just like lying down or resting on a chair with your eyes closed, but without being asleep. No one has ever been “stuck” or not woken up from a rest or a daydream.

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