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About Us

Most smokers want to quit but just cannot.

The addiction always comes back. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult challenges someone can face.

Hypnosis has helped a number of smokers to quit for good.

But the cost of hypnosis can be quite high, quality hypnotists are mostly in big urban centers, and you may just not have the time to go to a seance during working hours.

That’s why we started QUIT. Quit offers some of the best hypnosis sessions and programs to help anyone quit smoking and be ready to face challenges that will occur, such as weight gain or social situations. All the hypnosis content is written by certified hypnotists and is helping thousands of people every day.

To cheer you up, the app also offers a complete tracker to show you how much you’ve saved and how long ago you quit.

You can download our app on iPhone and Android. You can also read our blog’s advice on how to quit and live a healthier life.