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How To Use Black Pepper Essential Oil To Quit Smoking

Black Pepper Essential Oil to quit smoking

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If you’ve tried several times to quit smoking without success, then you know how frustrating the process of restarting can be. Nicotine is highly addictive and may require professional help to quit the habit for good. However, many medications have adverse side effects. 

The good news is that you can kick the habit using a much gentler and natural method that’s better for your health. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use black pepper essential oil to quit smoking. We’ll also show you what else you can do to reduce cigarette cravings. 

What Is Black Pepper Essential Oil?

black pepper essential oil

Black pepper essential oil is the oil derived from the black pepper plant, which refers to the dried fruit of the Piper nigrum plant. Black pepper is commonly used along with salt as a flavoring agent to foods. However, black pepper essential oil has numerous health benefits

High Antioxidant Profile

Piperine is the primary bioactive compound found in black pepper. It’s an alkaloid with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce free radical damage and toxins. 

Piperine is also great for digestion – it stimulates the digestive enzymes in the pancreas so that you can better assimilate your food and absorb its nutrients. Other notable antioxidants found in black pepper include limonene, pinene, linalool, and more.

Good Source of Micronutrients 

In addition to being high in antioxidants, black pepper is a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A and K, calcium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and potassium. 

Reduces Inflammation 

Black pepper contains warming, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe inflammation and pain when applied topically, such as neck pain, muscle injuries, symptoms of arthritis, and tendonitis.

Improves Gut, Brain and Immune Health 

Black pepper helps improve digestion and reduce constipation to alleviate motility problems linked to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It also improves serotonin levels in the gut and brain, which may help reduce the symptoms of depression. Lastly, black pepper contains anti-viral properties that can help protect you from infections.

Supports Metabolic Health 

Research shows that black pepper may help reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It may also help protect against cancer and promotes detoxification by reducing free radicals, toxins, and inflammation in the body.

How Does Black Pepper Essential Oil Help You Quit Smoking?

black pepper essential oil

In addition to the above-mentioned health benefits, black pepper essential oil has also been shown to reduce cigarette cravings and help you quit smoking. The best part is that it is also gentler and has fewer side effects than many prescription medications that help curb smoking, such as nicotine replacement therapy. This is because, most of the time, you do not need to ingest essential oils to reap their benefits – you can simply inhale them!

Decreases Cigarette Cravings

There are two ways in which black pepper essential oil reduces cigarette cravings. First, it reduces your urge to smoke and decreases the anxiety smokers feel when they try to quit. One study found that black pepper essential oil alleviates smoking withdrawal symptoms as well as the urge to smoke. 

Researchers from the study asked 48 patients who were cigarette smokers not to smoke overnight. Then they were randomly assigned one of three groups. One group puffed on a device that delivered the vapor from black pepper essential oil, a second group puffed on a device with mint, and the third group used a device without anything in it. 

Result shows that the subjects who were in the black pepper essential oil group experienced the greatest reduction in cigarette cravings. They also reported reductions in anxiety and had more intense sensations in the chest. 

Increases Respiratory Sensations 

Researchers indicated that the respiratory tract sensations were an important part in alleviating cigarette cravings. This means that black pepper essential oil provided the same sensations in the chest and airways as smoking, and this helped subjects feel like they did not need to smoke – that they already were.

Provides Antioxidant Support 

Another study found that subjects who added one drop of black pepper essential oil to a tissue paper and sniffed it for two minutes reduced their nicotine cravings. Researchers concluded that antioxidants play an important role in decreasing nicotine cravings in those who are trying to quit without having to use nicotine replacement therapy. 

Promotes Detoxification 

Black pepper essential oil is also an effective detoxifying agent, meaning that it can help clear toxins and nicotine remnants from the body to reduce cigarette cravings. Detoxing can also help the body repair itself after years of smoking, especially in the lungs where most of the damage and inflammation occurs. 

How To Use Black Pepper Essential Oil To Quit Smoking 

quit smoking

You can use black pepper essential oil to quit smoking by inhaling it or vaping it. Most people find that inhalation is the most convenient way to use essential oils. 

The practice of inhaling essential oils is known as aromatherapy and it has been around for thousands of years. You can either inhale the essential oil directly from the bottle or you can add it to tissue paper, like the researchers in one of the above-mentioned studies did. 

Here are some other ways you can use black pepper essential oil to quit smoking:

  • Add two to three drops of black pepper essential oil to a warm washcloth and lay with it on your chest 
  • Massage your temples with a few drops of the oil to alleviate headaches associated with withdrawal symptoms 
  • Carry a bottle of black pepper essential oil with you and sniff it directly from the bottle throughout the day to reduce nicotine cravings
  • Add a few drops of black pepper essential oil to a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam 
  • Add black pepper essential oil to a diffuser to engulf your home or office space with a continuous the scent of the oil to fight cravings all day long
  • Apply two to three drops of essential oil to your feet to help purge toxins 
  • Add one to two drops black pepper essential oil to a smoothie or drink as tea with lemon to detox toxins from the body

What Else Can I Do To Stop Smoking?

hipster woman breathing mountain

Invest in an Aromatherapy Inhaler

You can invest in a black pepper aromatherapy inhaler for smoking cessation. They are available online and they work by delivering black pepper essential oil directly into your airways where it can work its magic. Using an inhalation device can also help keep your fingers busy to mimic the sensation of smoking. 

Try Hypnosis 

Smoking is more than an addiction – it’s a habit that many people have been battling daily for most of their lives. This means that there are instances in which you may need to use more than essential oils to change your habits. Using a hypnosis mobile app can help you quit for good by making sustainable changes to your behavior and daily habits. 

The QUIT app is a custom-made program to quit smoking through hypnosis audios. It provides professional tips to reduce cigarette cravings and track your progress, including a tracker so that you know how long it’s been since you last smoked. The app also helps you determine how much money you are saving by quitting smoking. 
You can download it here.


What foods can help you quit smoking?

Adding more antioxidants to your diet can help clear toxins and reduce cigarette cravings. Try eating more fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, such as berries, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, kiwi, and oranges.

What else can I do to reduce nicotine cravings?

Hypnosis is an excellent way to reduce nicotine cravings, especially if you have tried everything else. It has been shown to help you quit smoking, reduce cigarette cravings, and alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms without the use of prescription medications. 

Can I quit taking medication if I plan to use black pepper essential oil for smoking?

Be sure to check with your doctor first before quitting nicotine replacement therapy or other forms of prescription medications if you intend on using black pepper essential oil to help you quit smoking. 

Can I use black pepper essential oil with other forms of aromatherapy?

Yes, you can use other essential oils along with black pepper to help you quit, such as sweet orange, chamomile, and even lavender. However, studies show that black pepper provides the most relief from nicotine cravings.

How long will it take for black pepper essential oil to cure my cigarette cravings?

Remember that black pepper essential oil may not cure your cravings, but it can certainly help. Be consistent – some people find that essential oils take up to two weeks to work. 

You may also want to try additional methods, such as help groups or hypnosis. These can help improve the effectiveness of the black pepper essential oil.

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